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  About Keiji Takada CMT


  Keiji Takada is a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist, a Certified Rolfer, and a Certified Rolf Movement Practitioner in the United States.  

Keiji graduated from Boulder College of Massage Therapy (BCMT), one of the best massage therapy schools in the United States. He learned Zen Shiatsu, Swedish massage, Deep Tissue massage, and Integrative bodywork in its 1000-hour program.

He took two additional courses at BCMT to further develop his skills: Medical Massage, Trauma of the Body, and the basic skills of Craniosacral Therapy at Associate of Occupational Studies (AOS degree program) and Orthopedic and Sports Massage in Advanced Bodywork Studies (ABS).

He also did additional training to treat prenatal & postpartum women and the elderly. He was trained to give instruction of Infant Massage to parents. To further develop his skills, He studied at the Rolf Institute, and he is a Certified Rolfer and a Rolf Movement Practitioner.


From Keiji

I studied bodywork in the U.S. and in Brazil with a holistic vision of healing. Human suffering occurs in all three levels of body, mind and spirit. Hence, I believe that bodywork should address all these levels with a wide repertoire of body / mind treatment techniques.

My hands have special sensitivity; I can intuitively detect the “right depth” at each spot of bodywork. Deep healing and deep relaxaiton occur when I reach the right point in the right depth where the clients really need work. When I reach these points, I feel the vibration of the client’s energy in my fingers. In such times, the ki (life force) energies in both of us are resonating with each other.

The impact of this encounter reaches beyond the body level; it impacts the client in his/ her emotional and energetic levels. It will not only alleviate physical pain and discomfort as in any bodywork, but also lead to a new level of awareness within the client about emotional patterns and life style. The client will feel the deep change. I have the sensitivity to meet this depth in the client. I work powerfully to reach the points in the client’s body that need attention, while at the same time applying feminine softness in my touches.

I will offer the best combination of different skills according to each individual’s unique needs.  I also believe that healing is a collaborative work between the therapist and the client. I am committed to holistic and collaborative work with the client so that his or her pure essence will manifest itself unobstructed.


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